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Improved: Several improvements in the Face Recognition engine
Improved: Many new content added to AIMLs
Improved: Web Search feature fixed.

Media Player was not listing songs when user select a specific folder with songs using Denise's Setup.
Fixed: Several fixes in the OCR Module (when you plug a device with Images with a text to convert to speak)
Fixed: Database Lock messages in user's Logs fixed.
Fixed: Some small fixes on the AIML Editor
Fixed: Calculation operations are working again
Fixed: All questions that have numbers are working again,like "Give me 6 numbers". (Some users use that to ask Denise for Lottery numbers)
Fixed: Even though user does not select any feeds during installation, when going o the feeds settings, they were all selected.
Fixed: In Feeds settings, clicking the X under "Delete Channel" was not working
Fixed: Asked Denise "What Time is it?" She responded "IT S 8 PAST 10". She never says "It's" when reporting the time.
Fixed:If user added an alarm to wake up at 11:15pm and selected a specific song to play at that time, the alarm would went off as scheduled, but did not play the song user requested. It played the first song in users music list. Editing the text that Denise was supposed to speak for a alarm, It said that a new alarm was set, even though the time had passed. About 1 minute later the alarm went off again, but this time it played the correct song.
Fixed: Several small bugs fixed


New: New Denise 2015 Avatar face as the default avatar
New: All user interface is now HTML5 compatible, getting the system ready for upcoming 2.0 version.
New: Overall improvements in the Speech Recognition system
New: Many structural modifications to get the system ready for synchronization with the upcoming new Mobile  
Version of Denise (expected to be released Dec 2015)
System compiled in the new RAD Studio™ 10 Seattle and Visual Studio
2015 versions that brings many improvements on the overall system
performance and memory management

Improved: Several memory and overall system performance improvements
Improved: When opening system, it will give a message to wait until the Speech Recognition system is activated

Setup->Feeds: In the option "Select Feeds Channel to display",
choosing a category like "Technology".  Select the "Activate this RSS
Feeds Channel". Close the setup tab. When open again "Setup->Feeds",
the “Technology" channel is not activated
Fixed: When opening an attachment in an Email, Denise opened up "This PC" folder and not the attachment.
Setup->Contacts: Clicking in "New Account in the "Accounts":  When
selecting "New account" the screen to add Skype, Msn, Gtalk, and
Facebook accounts comes up, but if we move the mouse over the Save
and/or Cancel buttons, both buttons become invisible!
Setup->Contacts: Clicking in "New Account in the "Accounts": When
adding and Account, and selecting one of the services (Skype, MSN etc.)
from the drop down box it does not display after selected
Setup->Contacts: When editing the account information, it replaces
any spaces in the Account Name with a '+' (Facebook+Username)
Fixed: Setup->Feeds: Cannot set how many channels per list (Denise goes back to default settings)
Fixed: Setup->Feeds: cannot set update intervall (min) ( Denise goes back to default settings )
Fixed: Setup->Media Player: cannot set shuffle options ( Denise goes back to default settings )
Fixed: Setup->Media Player: cannot set volume option ( Denise goes back to default settings )
Fixed:: Running Facebook for the first time, we were getting a message "Restart your %AGENTNAME%" to Facebook to work properly
When setting up an E-Mail Account, there are two different fields.
Account Name and Display Name. The Account name should be reflected in
your Email Account list, and the Display Name should be shown to the
recipient in the Email. They were reversed. "Display Name" shows in the
Account list, and "Account Name" is what the recipient gets.
Going to e-mail accounts->Setup and clicking on edit signature. User
entered the signature he wanted, and saved it. When sending an email,
it was not possible to enter any message text or send the email with or
without an attachment. Going back to edit signature. It was blank. It
was not possible to enter any text.
When clicking on an email to open it, in the email top shows "From:
Whoever it's from (Ok)", But it shows "To: The Senders Email Address (it
should your email address, and not the senders)"
Fixed: RSS feeds showing up very old feeds, sometimes more than once.
Fixed: Kernel errors when closing system


Fixed: Searching for the books returned wrong links, and some in blue and with results not related to the query. Also, clicking on the links did not open the result.
Fixed: Weather information could not find user’s city, or shows several options to choose from.
Fixed: In Setup->Chat: Use Pandorabot. All questions appears like “who%20are%20you”
Fixed: Setup->System->Settings: Option “Start with Windows” not working if turned on
Fixed: Setup->System->Settings: If “Show Splash Screen” is turned off, Denise starts without chat window
Fixed: Setup->System->Settings: If “Hide Operation System” is turned on, next login crash system
Fixed: Setup->Profile: Selecting “United States” as the Country. Close Settings Tab. When opening Setup again, there is no option to select the “City”
Fixed: Setup->Speech Rec->My Commands: Including new voice command, the new command includes wrong characters as “I%20need%20to%20buy%20a%20new%20smart%20watch”
Fixed: Log error:  Query Execute: [FireDAC][Phys][SQLite] ERROR: no such table: Pronounce ESQLiteNativeException
Fixed: Lateral Menu->Search->”Search Computer Photos”. Double clicking on the listed images does not open it.
Fixed: Lateral Menu->Search->”Search Computer Photos”. “View” button menu does not work
Fixed: Lateral Menu->Search->”Search Computer Photos”. “Open folder” button menu does not work
Fixed: Posting to Facebook shows %20 symbol in the final Facebook post text
Fixed: If we do a new Wikipedia search after a previous wiki search, the page does not change from the one before.
Fixed: ChatInput Tag not working
Fixed: Send an email by voice speaking “Send an e-mail to Michael subject hello body Tell me what you think”, the body text “Tell me what you think” shows “Tell+me+what+you+think”
Fixed: Media Player bug when clicking on lateral menu “Play my songs” shows no songs. This may happen after a new installation when Denise is still indexing all songs from the computer.
Fixed: WebBrowser “Print” option not working
Fixed: WebBrowser “Zoom in” e “Zoom Out” options not working
Fixed: When setting a new alarm, Denise display the wrong time in the agenda. Example. Set a alarm for 1:17. In the Agenda, Denise shows 1:00
Fixed: When setting a new alarm, open file option does not work
Fixed: When setting a new alarm, open application option does not work
Fixed: When setting a new alarm, open image option does not work
Fixed: When scheduling an event, as with other tasks, Denise does not speak the date when you confirm it.
Fixed: When scheduling an event with a reminder, Denise reminds you at the correct time, but repeats the time of the reminder, and not the event.
Fixed: Dictionary not working. Typing in the chat “DIC anyword” always return “anyword means WEB”
Fixed: When receiving a news in the chat, and click in the e-mail icon, the lateral window with the e-mail shows wrong characters in the e-mail body
Fixed: Clicking in Kiosk Studio set-up button shows an error message
Fixed: WebRadio: When adding a radio station, and then opening radio stations, the title shows characters like “[[en-20″ instead of “My Stations”
Fixed: Wrong Spelling in Splash Screen “Shell notify active” and not “actived”
Fixed: Misspelling in Assistant Debug -> word “Schedule” is spelled wrong (schedulle)
Fixed: WEBTV: Opening WebTV and exiting media player (click in the x media player button). When exiting the media player the second time (by click in the x media player button again) system gives an access violation.
Fixed: Denise displays artist name and song name together. Example: Asking: “what song is this” results in “03 – FROM THIS MOMENT ONbySHANIA TWAIN”
Fixed: Icons are missing from top left corner of description window when you go to download Avatars. Applies to all avatars
Fixed: Running a Kiosk Studio presentation randomly gives an access violation.
Fixed: Download Module not working


Fixed - Learn Mode using the “L” and “C” letters next to chat were not working all the times. Type “Edit AIML” to open custom AIML window
Fixed - After completing the Speech Recognition voice training, the Speech Recognition was not starting and a reboot was needed
Fixed - Download of the SDK and some other Store items was not working
Fixed - Installation problems


Fixed - Denise executable and .dll files have a renewed certificate from Symantec that will avoid anti-virus to delete those files
Fixed - After installing Denise, clicking in the “”Click here to start”” Button to Start the Speech Recognition voice training was freezing Denise
Fixed - Clicking on an e-mail to open it was crashing Denise
Fixed - Not updating e-mails
Fixed - Button to attach file in an e-mail not working
Fixed - When composing a new e-mail and writing the e-mail subject, the active field was going back to the destination field
Fixed - In some cases, after installing Denise the system would freeze on the “checking installation” screen
Fixed - “Windows cannot find \guile3d\guile3d.exe” message
Fixed - When logging in to Denise using Face Recognition, Denise’s Avatar was showing duplicated
Fixed - Speaking “CORRECT THAT” was crashing the system
Fixed - In the “Media Player” Setup, choosing a song’s folder was not working due to strange characters in the folder’s name
Fixed - Clicking on a “Feeds” link was not opening the Feeds Web page
Fixed - “Forget your Password” link in the login screen not working
Fixed - Bug when editing a contact info
Fixed - Search results links in the right window not opening the source Web page
Fixed - Adding a new event with map info in Denise’s Agenda not working
Fixed - OCR (Optical character Recognition) feature not working
Fixed - Plugging in a USB device was not automatically opening a window and asking user what to do
Fixed - “Script Editor” not available in Denise’s task bar (when right clicking on Denise’s icon)
Fixed - “Store” icons and images not showing
Fixed - “Web Browser” icon not showing in the right menu
Fixed - On Denise’s start up, some files were appearing in the Windows Trash
Fixed - Several minor bugs
Fixed - Several memory leaks
Fixed - Memory management improvement


Updated: Several overall performance improvements
Updated: SQLiteStudio updated to Ver 3.01

Fixed: When you open Denise, she now speaks random welcome phrases as used to be.
Fixed: Login to Denise was changing the user name and password with different characters, and thus creating an error that user could not login to Denise.
Fixed: Problems in the inclusion and implementation of new custom voice commands that were adding characters with 20%
Fixed: Random issues when enabling and disabling Speech Recognition system
Fixed: Avatar causing system crash when asked to increase the size.
Fixed: Some words accents were appearing with strange characters.
Fixed: Denise not reading the news.
Fixed: Lack sqlstudio in installation. User needs to install from Store, or using the install “Advanced” option.
Fixed: Kernel errors when closing Denise
Fixed: System crash when clicking on news from the right feeds window. News did not open
Fixed: In the Calendar tasks module, the option to change the color does not show the one which you have chosen
Fixed: In the Calendar Alarm module, button to attach a file open a window with message “GETFILE”
Fixed: In the module “Help” option to “Open Support Ticket” the attachment button opens a window to “Select a File” to attach but shows files available to choose.
Fixed: Selecting text to drag and drop into the avatar was not making Denise to Speak Aloud the selected text. Tested and working with texts in Firefox, Outlook, Word, Chrome, Wordpad e Internet Explorer. Still does not work with text using Windows Notepad.


Major Release from Version 1.0 to Version 1.9

Updated: All code and components upgraded to the new Embarcadero Rad Studio XE7
Updated: All code and components upgraded to the new Visual Studio 2015 Preview version
Updated: Updated SQLite Studio to 2.1.5
Updated: Removed Socket communication, because it’s obsolete. Using now HTTP or Native API to integrate Denise with external applications and upcoming Home Automation Module.
Updated: Removed all Windows SendMessage communication system because it’s obsolete. Using now HTTP or Native API to integrate Denise with external applications and upcoming Home Automation Module.
Updated: JavaScript SDK is now complete and have same functions from the Delphi Pascal SDK

New: Several new functions in the JavaScript SDK
New: Faster on line user verification
New: New Speech Recognition engine with Dragon SDK 12.5 Pro version
New: Built in new compiler
New: New database framework (faster and multi platform)
New: New HTML Engine based on Google Chrome (faster, support earlier HTML 5 tags and multi thread)
New: CPU usage control to avoid CPU high use in all modules
New: Agent Debugger, simpler and faster
New: System have now two new main executable modules: Shell and Browser to split common functions from the kernel module, and thus improve overall performance.
New: Much improved memory and CPU usage
New: Addition of the GAC-80K set of 80,000 propositions. This is a subset of the Mindpixel project. The term “GAC” stands for General Artificial Consciousness. A validated true/false statement is called a Mindpixel. Chris McKinstry conceived the project.
New: Several new internal functions for running upcoming real time 3D Avatar Engine
New: Several new internal functions for running upcoming Home Automation Module
New: Several new internal functions for synchronizing with upcoming Denise Mobile Versions
New: All User Interface converted to HTML5 for future ability to run Denise directly from within a Web Browser
New: Much improved compatibility when running Denise in Apple MAC computers through Parallels software

Fixed: Secure issue: SQL Injector
Fixed: Several memory Leaks
Fixed: Several security vulnerabilities

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