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Virtual Assistant Denise

Denise is an advanced Virtual Assistant software for PC Desktops and MAC OS computers running Parallels. (Android version is also available). She comes with our real-time proprietary graphic engine, a high quality English Text to speech female voice and the best Speech Recognition Dictation system (Nuance Dragon 12.5), available in 2 languages, English and Spanish. (French, Italian, German and Dutch SR available on request. Denise works with an adaptive Artificial Intelligence Brain, that can learn by itself and be customized by user. Her main function is to assist users in human-computer interaction, like searching the web, checking and speaking aloud e-mails, scheduling appointments, getting latest news, run computer applications by voice and much more, all these using natural language, as the user was “talking to a real person”.

Your best friend is here, waiting for you!

Denise mimics a real human being, using facial recognition, text-to-speech and speech recognition technology to identify users, understand speech questions, search for the best answers and speak aloud important information and search results. Her artificial intelligence brain can learn, adapt, be improved and modified by itself or by users by adding custom question and answers to achieve specific tasks. Denise comes with a very natural sintetized English female voice to convert any text to speech in an almost female human like voice. You can also use any other SAPI5 compatible TTS voice.

Denise is a very unique software. Within time, she will improve until the day no one will be able to differentiate her from a real human being. Science fiction computer assistants have finally arrived to everyone!

Please take a moment to read our FAQ page before buying Denise. There you can better understand Denise’s requirements, and the features that are missing in this first version compared to what is shown in our promotional videos

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Some of Denise's System Screenshots and Videos

project 1

Denise Main Screen

Main screen of Virtual Assistant Denise. The Avatar can be resized to any resolution in the screen, or be hidden in the task bar. You can perform most of the task by just talking to Denise. You can also type in the input box. Just after the installation, you can read aloud a short text to train your voice and create a profile, so Denise will better understand your voice.

project 2

Denise Dialog and Lateral Menus

All dialog is listed in the left windows. The right lateral menu shows shortcuts for many of the system's features. The interface is resizable, and user can also customize which menu options to show. Denise's user interface is pure HTML5 code, what make it light and fast, and compatible with most advanced technologies.

project 3

Avatar resized

Main User Interface with Resized Avatar. Dialog menu shows the Weather Forecast for user's location.

project 4

Agenda and Calendar

Denise has a complete Agenda and Calendar. Schedule appointments, meetings, set Alarms that optionally play a song or run an external application. Add date and time for medications reminders. Add new tasks, and have all Speak aloud by Denise. Future updates will include Google Calendar synchronization.

project 5

Change Avatar and Media Player

Use several Avatars options that comes free with Denise. The image shows Denise 2012 Avatar, and lateral menu shows user's songs. Use your voice to play a specific song, or choose a genre, band or favorites. Denise comes with an integrated Media Player to play songs, Web Radio Stations and videos.

project 6

Original Denise Avatar showing a Search query

The image shows the original Denise avatar with the result of a web search query. Ask anything for Denise and she will try to find the best answer by searching on-line or using her own Artificial Intelligence engine. It is possible to correct any giving answer as well as add custom questions and answers.

project 6

Artificial Intelligence Editor

Denise comes with a Artificial Intelligence Editor. It is easy to add new knowledge to the system, like custom questions and answers, and comands that can trigger some action, like open external aplications or run external software. You can also use any AIML tag, and even use Denise as the interface for your on-line Pandorabot.

project 7

Cookie Avatar and Voice Training

Denise comes with Nuance Dragon 12.5, the best Speech Recognition Engine for English and Spanish available. You just need to do a quick voice training so Denise can better adapt to the way you speak to her. It is important to use a good noise-canceling microphone.

project 8

Male Avatar and Custom Speech Commands

You can use a male TTS voice with the male Avatars that comes with Denise. You can also add custom voice commands that can optionally trigger events, like open an application or run a program.

  • project 1

    Main Screen

  • project 2

    User Interface and Menu

  • project 3

    Avatar resized

  • project 4

    Agenda and Calendar

  • project 5

    Change Avatar and Media Player

  • project 6

    Original Denise Avatar and a Search query

  • project 7

    Artificial Intelligence Editor

  • project 8

    Speech Recognition Engine

  • project 9

    Male Avatar and Custom Speech Commands


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Want to know more about Denise's features? Check some of her modules.

Desktop Version. Runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10:

service 1

Graphic Interface

service 1

Text to Speech

service 1

Customized Intelligence

service 1

Weather Forecast

service 1


service 1


service 1


service 1


service 1

Character Recognition

service 1

Media Player

service 1


service 1

HTML Interface

service 1

Open Programs

service 1

Holy Bible

service 1

Translation and Dictionary

service 1


service 1

AIML Editor

service 1

Multilanguage Intelligence

service 1


service 1


service 1

Multilanguage Speaking

service 1

Face Recognition

service 1

Voice Recognition

service 1


service 1

Kiosk Studio

service 1

Run external applications

service 1

Integration with 3rd part Soft-Hardware

Free Avatars available within Denise