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NextOS provides software solutions compatible with all major appliances and systems on the market. The company continually invests in technological innovations in order to be always prepared for the development of new products, including solutions to end users and business.

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The market trend is growing towards to the use of mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. Thinking about that, NextOS is strongly specialized in solutions for mobile applications and can easily be used on a global scale, whether for personal or business use.

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NextOS provides solutions in biometrics using voice, facial, digital and object recognition tecnology.

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Artificial Intelligence

We develop programs that facilitate interaction between men and machine. Currently, we continually improve our artificial intelligence engine to suit products offering a logical and coherent solution to its users. Artificial intelligence has countless applications, among them are included: teaching and learning activities, problem solving, information database and more.

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It's not just work that makes a person happy. Thinking about that, we also offer programs for recreation and leisure. We develop games and other applications that helps on relieving stress and motivation. They can be used as excellent marketing tools and events for your company.

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We focus on efficiency. We offer solutions that makes your daily life easier, reducing cost and releasing personnel from dull routines that waste time and quality of services. In this way, we develop customized intelligent programs capable of automate houses, industries, shoppings and services.

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Nextos has a mission to bring accessibility to every part of society. We create means to enable the use of technology for people with disabilities making it comfortable and easy to do daily activities and improving life quality.

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Virtual Reality

We are not limited to the laws of physics. Our developers are able to create a world of your way! With virtual reality, distance is not a problem. We develop programs that can take you all around the world. Have an amazing experience going to all kinds of exotic places without having to travel thousands of miles.

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2D & 3D graphics

Did you imagined? We create it! We have artists experts on design of 2D and 3D graphics with a technology light enough to work on mobile devices with an amazing quality.


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Denise 1.9

Virtual Assistant Denise is a software that combines Speech Recognition for dictation and Speech Synthesis with an Artificial Intelligence system that allows you to talk to Denise and request several tasks. The main function is to assist users in human-computer interaction. Denise searches the internet, checks emails, schedules appointments, gets latest news, runs applications and more! All of that by using just your voice. Customize her knowledge, choose your favorite Avatar and easily correct her default answers.

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    Virtual Assistant for PC


NextOS is a company of technological innovation focused on the newest trends of the global market, such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence. The company started out from a meeting of visionary people with the passion to reinvent the use of technology on people’s daily life. We seek to expand the possibilities of human life, reduce inequalities and generate wealth. We believe in the development of software and applications that can make life even more efficient. Do you already know our products? Have a walk through our website and feel free to contact us. Our team is always willing to help!


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